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Extracurricular Activities

·        Sports


Sports for homeschoolers?  You bet! Our middle daughter took a golf class at our homeschool co-op. One semester and she was hooked. When the co-op didn’t renew the class we realized we would have to find another way for her to play. With a little research, we discovered a local golf club offered homeschool classes during school hours. We picked up a set of used golf clubs, had them cut to her size (more cost effective than buying a whole set of new clubs that fit), and she was ready to go. After a few semesters of the homeschool class she joined the Junior PGA and took part in tournaments.  It has been a wonderful introduction to organized sports. Our kids have also taken homeschool gymnastics lessons. These are offered by a number of different gyms in our area. Keep looking until you find what you want. If what you want is just not available in your area, put together a group of parents interested in the same thing and approach the business of your choice. Let them know you have ‘X’ number of parents interested, with ‘X’ number of kids, and you would like to put together a daytime class for homeschoolers. Usually homeschool classes are offered during school hours at discounted rates because with all of the kids in school, the businesses don’t have much of a customer base at that time. It’s a win-win situation.


·        Disney – educational?


Hands on Homeschooling is all about play with a purpose. If you are going to learn something it might as well be enjoyable, right? Who could make that point more clear than Disney?  We didn’t just go to ride the rides and meet the mouse… we actually learned all sorts of things. Take for instance our days at Epcot - science and environmental studies on the Living with the Land ride, Turtle Talk with Crush put them right in the middle of the ocean, and Soaring gave a bird’s eye view over mountains, rivers and deserts. We had more science discussion before, during, and after riding Test Track, Space Ship Earth, and Mission Space. Solving Kim Possible adventures in several countries of the World Showcase let the kids explore 11 countries without ever leaving the park. The kids got passports which were stamped in each country. Each Kidcot attendant also gave them a charm to hang on their mask (which could also be stamped if you didn’t want to buy a passport). We ate ethnic foods, heard native languages, and got a pretty good idea of the culture in each destination. Fascinating and VERY educational. The Age 4 edition of Hands on Homeschooling offers preschoolers a glimpse into big communities called countries. If you are planning a trip to Epcot either during or after you have covered the Age 4 version of HOH, you might want to consider swapping out the countries in the curriculum for some of the countries included in Epcot’s World Showcase in order to enhance the experience.


·        Church camp


Hearing my children relate their experiences at church camp, even though I did not go as a kid myself, has convinced me that every kid should have the opportunity.  Chances to build friendships that may last a lifetime.  The friends who came with you and all of the other kids from churches around you – all coming together to learn about the Bible and have fun doing it. Great lessons that simply can’t be learned with once or twice a week church attendance. There is something to be said for the whole sleepover experience.  We spend a lot of time equipping and training our children to be the light of the world and to share the Good News of the Gospel with others. I am convinced there comes a time when we need to let them peek out from under our wings long enough in order for them to do a little learning on their own.  Give them the opportunity to develop their own voice, their own testimony. Obviously, pre-school is not yet that time. But as your kids get older, I encourage you to check with your church’s children’s ministry leader and find out if a group from your church (big or small) does or could attend a local church camp as a group.


·        Co-ops


All co-ops are not the same. Before you arbitrarily join one I would suggest defining why you want to be part of a co-op.  That will help you narrow down the options in finding one that is a good fit for your family. Are you looking for enrichment classes? Do you just want a social place for your kids? Do you want core academics? Do you want classes you pay higher prices for which are taught by “professionals” or do you want a totally parent led co-op where fees are minimal?  There are a lot of options out there and you simply need to choose one that fits the needs of your family. For our family, we found the perfect combination by attending one day a week at a co-op with about 80 families offering core academics, enrichment classes, and PE type classes along with one day a week at a co-op created by 3 families who were using the same curriculum. The big co-op offers all of the higher math and science classes for middle and high school students (so we don’t have to be experts in algebra or buy microscopes and dissect anything on the kitchen table) along with fun classes like golf, polymer clay, and/or cooking. The 3-family co-op is a group of families all using the same core curriculum (in our case, Tapestry of Grace). This smaller co-op gives us the chance to cover instructions for our core curriculum in one day. Three moms split up the age groups and topics to cover material and assign homework in subjects like grammar, history, literature, worldviews, and art. After 2 days of co-ops we then spend 3 days doing homework at home. Between two days at co-ops and three days at home we feel that our kids are getting the absolute best education we could possibly hope for.



















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