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2nd Grade

  • Tapestry of Grace

When our kids were in grades 1, 4, and 7 we began using a curriculum called Tapestry of Grace. TOG follows the “classical method” using a 4-year rotating cycle of Ancients, Middle Ages/Reformation, Early Modern and Modern. Based on a Christian worldview, this is the BEST curriculum I have ever used. Having all three of my girls using the same curriculum means that they all cover the same topics and subjects, but each grade level has age appropriate activities and expectations. Each Year Plan can be purchased in digital format (DE) as well as in print. You purchase the lesson plans (instructions) for Year 1, Year 2, Year 3 and Year 4 and then use them over again as you go through each cycle. If you began this curriculum with your child in 1st grade you would go through the 4 year cycle 3 times before he graduates (going through Ancients in grades 1, 5, and 9). The reading books and reference materials will change with each grade level as you go through the curriculum, but you only have to purchase the lesson plans once. You can purchase additional pieces to go along with the curriculum for subjects like writing/grammar, map work, etc. We added our own math and science for the older students and the Tapestry lesson plans provided instructions for everything else...including hands on projects!

 At first glance, it can be intimidating. I honestly looked at it for 3 years and didn’t think I could do it, but I eventually figured out that each Year Plan has everything in it for grades 1-12 and I would never “do it all” in one year.   We have now worked with Year Plans 1, 2, and 3 and I can honestly say that we are solid in our decision to use this curriculum until our last child graduates from high school. You even have access to online help including other users and the authors through the Tapestry Forum on their website. Check it out by clicking here...


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My quick overview of the Biblioplan program:
Biblioplan is an outline of suggested readings in order to teach history from the beginning to present time. There are five packages, each comes 3-hole punched so that you can put them in a binder. 1) Ancient History 2) Medieval, Renaissance, and Reformation 3) America and the World 1600-1850 4) America and the World 1850-2000 and 5) Comprehensive High School Supplement. The Biblioplan lesson plans include reading outlines and booklists for whatever time period you choose to study.

My thoughts on how it worked for us:
We began with the Ancient History study. I loved the fact that the curriculum gave me the “history” books to read as well as the same time periods for the Bible history.  This really helped to tie the two together in my mind as well as my children’s. However, the reading lists were quite extensive and having kids who were too young to read much on their own I had to do all of the reading with them. Also, we are a very “hands on” (crafty) family and there were no activities suggested. We quickly began using the Hands on Heritage series (Greece, Egypt, and Rome) www.edupressinc.com These books provided wonderful crafts and activities to keep the girls involved. I also spent a lot of time searching out coloring pages that went along with each lesson so that the girls could color while I read the history lesson.

My oldest did continue with the MUS program (old version where grades 1-3 were in the same book) and did very well. I think she would have done even better had I taken more time with each lesson, as suggested by the author, to make sure she understood each concept before we went on to something else.

My quick overview of the Biblioplan program:
This is a workbook based science program; you have hands on experiments throughout the program but you record much of it on worksheets that fit nicely into a binder.

My thoughts on how it worked for us:
My daughters loved this program as much as I did. It was a bit over their heads much of the time, but the authors give good information on keeping things simple for younger ones or expanding the research for older kids.










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